If I Space Off Promise Me That You'l
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2002-09-03 03:16:03 (UTC)

Keep Him Or Leave Him?

I have a boyfriend that I meet four years ago in a chatroom
and finally started going out with him in real life a year
ago. He lives one day and we planned on meeting after we
graduate. But i've heard him lately doing things behind my
back, as in doing things with other girls. Playing me, but
see I don't mind in real life because we both have to have
our own lifes and I know I do whatever I want in my real
life. But i've heard from close friends that he is doing
stuff in chatrooms. After I sent him a e-mail telling him
what I heard he finally decided just to stay off the net.
And I got that information from his friend in real life. I
don't know what to do...Should I keep him or Leave him?
Because I don't feel like waiting 3 more years just to find
out that he doesn't want to see me. And I want to be able
to have fun and not worring about it. Please give me what
you think. Thanks! Bye:)

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