Life of Joolz
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2001-07-19 18:15:56 (UTC)

Thursday 19th July 2001

Did you know I left Clapham 18 years ago to the very day??
Can't believe how the time flies and how our lives do a
changeth. Now I do feel old but a lot more happier. Best
thing I did was leave that *******

7.02-What a week again-the farce continues. Handy Andy has
finished my plastering work on chimney breast last night at
8pm. White dust EVERYWHERE. House is more or less finished
now but I have decided to emulsion lounge walls again (yes
again-twice in 4 weeks) simply because I do not like
biscotti anymore, and have discovered egyptian cotton
instead. Bedroom's done in the cotton and it's lush. Lounge
could have just been painted on chimney breast and alcoves
but bolox to it. I want a different colour already. Why
didn't I choose the cotton colour before? Fickle me.

Spent 2 hours doing the edging round the room after work
today so it gets the donkeywork done ready for the full
painting on Saturday.
Am knackered now and just had nice bath in nice bathroom
with nice Decleor. My face looks tired and skin's so dry.
Need a nice break again. I emailed DFDS praising their
minicruises and they've offered me £49 each on the new
ship 'Queen of Scandinavia' to Amsterdam instead of £129
each. Hurray!! Brown nosing gets ya places sometimes. Might
take them up on their offer and go at end of August.

This week have got bathroom pine cabinet put up, lounge
plasterwork finished,patio door finally done and kitchen
window. Got outside light fitted too.
White dust all over lounge and garage is indescribable.
Andy picked his tools and stuff up at 6pm, and I gave him
some stuff I didn't want. he even wanted my old bog seat-ha
ha. was a shell shaped seat, colour peach. Har har har.

Been busy at work-atmosphere stinks, and I have finally
after 4 long years put my transfer request in to work
nearer home, i.e. this side of the river. Will cut down on
travelling time and save money but it means a change of
culture in the working environment and learning a
completely new job. Tis OK though coz I will do it! may
have to wait a year or more to get transferred but never
mind. It's a long term aim.

Got the loan through on Monday so everyone can be paid,
about time too, and bought another picture and two
lampshades. The brass is spent now. Also had torrential
rain this week and the roof hasn't leaked thank God. So
that's that.
Susan has been upset this week and haven't actually spoke
to her, but I think she's alright now. Been worried.
Vanessa has got a student loan with another bank and is on
a 7 week placement at the Freeman hospital-ear nose and
throat. She is unable to earn owt coz of the placement, so
she's a bit peeved with that. The earning capacity will
come back once placement is over.
Sat on comp now in peace, no workmen, no radio on or TV,
guineapigs are a squeaking coz Ron's rustling in the
kitchen (ginnies are begging for food) and sun is out. At
last some peace to type here.
Am off for now, need face cream badly-skin's dead dry.

One of my pet mice is poorly-half his body weight has gone, his eyes
are shut and he's wobbling and slow. Won't live much longer-am sad
and feeding him by hand at the moment. Must be old age.

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