The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-09-03 02:33:14 (UTC)

Hippity hoppity!

I got a Bunny Rabbit TODAY!! Mary and i got it, my mom is
like umm..ok shes not very excited abouit it, but she'll
live..on the other hand though my dad..i think he's
pissed..b/c i brought her(my bunny) into my parents bedroom
and my dads all like why do you have a bunny and im like
b/c and hes like get it out of here and im like why?..and
hes like just get it out of here....sooo i think he's
mad..but im not sure....oh well
Mary and Christina's adventures at the very very very
NASTY IHOP (International House Of Pancakes)the service was
lousy, the food was cold and BAd and i also found an
eggshell in my eggs...and it took FOREVER to get our
food...BLAH! so DO NOT EAT AT IHOP!!!!! they are bad very
very very bad..yuck yuck yuck!
oh and Mary just so you Put the UCK in
SUCK!!....We need to go play REAL pool! well ill
talk to you all starts in two days YUCK
BLAH!!..yet in a way i am happy b/c this is more
school after this!...ha ha Take that evil school and shove
it up you SOCK!!!....!
Love ya

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