Tay's thoughts
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2002-09-03 02:28:52 (UTC)


aight- today was pretty ok. Went to the mall and
practically BURNED a hole in my pocket..geeze...Saw that
feardotcom movie with some people, its not as bad as i
thought it would be. My tongue hurts...i dont really know
why. My brothers bird died the other night cuz Chaz stepped
on it. Then dad like got mad at me cuz i said just to flush
it down the toilet. NOw like hes making me bury it and give
it a full funeral service for my lil bro. Its gay as hell.
Stephanie is mad at me. OH well- WHAT ELSE IS NEw? anyways,
on the lighter side, tessa had a party, and like some drunk
guy crapped in her pool! lol...and her dad found it and he
was like omg what is this? and she was like oh it must of
been the dog..but her dad said it looked "too human"
lol...omg thats some funny stuff. God dangit my tongue
hurts! My brother gots this new hamster "thing" and i
picked it up and it bit my finger and i threw it and it
didnt like move for 5 minutes so yeah...lol poor chandler.
welp, my tongue is hurting too bad, so im out.


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