Lifes confusing
2001-07-19 17:37:50 (UTC)

Love life sucks!!!!

Ok everybody I have a problem and I need your guy's
help!!Heres the story: Last year I went to this town where
my friend lives and the town was having a fair!! At the
fair I meet a lot of her friends and became very close to
most of them!! Well about 3 weeks ago one of her friends
I.M.ed me and started talkin to me,I hadnt talked to him
very much before that though, so i was very surprised!! We
were talkin bout going out and stuff like that because we
both liked eachother!! But we figured out that it would be
to hard to keep our relastionship since we lived in
different towns!! So hes like well why dont we just become
Temp.b/f and g/f!!At that time I had no clue what he was
talkin bout but than i finally found out that it ment that
we were only going out when I was with him and when we
arent we would still be going out and stuff but (I dont
know its hard to explian) I didnt really like the idea but
o well!! Well I went to one of my friend's house like 2
weeks later and my friend and I hung out with my temp.b/f
and some of his friends!! The whole weekend we were like
really close!! But whenever this one girl would come over
and start talkin to us he would like ignore me!! and I was
like what the heck, but my one friend told me just to
ignore it its fine!!But when I got home that night I got
online and the girl that was driving my b/f aways form me
I.M.ed me and told me to talk to one of my friends and find
out some bad news!! So I did and she told me that my b/f
has been going out with this girl for 2 weeks now!! And
nobody new that they were going out!!I was like boy thats
nice to know (NOT!!!) So I started talkin to him and I
found out that he just wanted to be firends and didnt want
to hurt me by tellin me that he already had a g/f!!I was
sooo mad!!! Well I later found out that my friend and my
temp broke up!! But see now my problem is that I need help
w/ that...I still like him and everybody says that he still
likes me and hes gonna ask me out next time I go to town!!
But I dont know if I should and plus this other girl that
is no longer my friend is still like madly in love w/him!!
If you guys have any advise than please write me back
thanks Bye All!!