Reality Check
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2001-07-19 17:30:12 (UTC)

okay.....i am not pregnant...

okay.....i am not pregnant. thank you for both of the
replies. they really helped. i took a home pregnancy test,
and it was negative. and then like a week and a half later i
got my period...which i am on right now. :) i am so happy. i
told daniel i don't want to have a sexual relationship last
night. he's sorta pissed, but he'll get over it. he's going
to have to anyways. i just found out that he's getting sent
off to military school august 13. i'll be able to see him 2
weeks out of every month. i love him with all of my
heart...but i'm 14 years old. i don't need to be waiting
around for a guy. i need to be living my life. i'm about to
start highschool, i'm going to meet new people. with him
gone...i'm going to have to break it off. i have thought
about this for a few days now and i think it's the best
thing to do. i'll probably be a sad puppy for a while. i'm
really going to miss him. but it is for the better. with me
starting highschool i need to focus on my studies so that i
can win the morehead scholarship, and daniel puts on a lot
of pressure with sex and spending time with him a lot...he's
ready for a serious relationship....and i'm focusing on my
other priorities. sometimes he would talk about when we
turned 16 we could move in together. that could never happen
and i know it. I'm going off to college hopefully in
california...if not somewhere out of north carolina. and he
doesn't have plans to go to college. if i actually took the
chance to think i would've seen all this before and been
able to break it off sooner. but oh well.i'm just going to
have to do it and get it over with. hey, tomorrow's another
day. live each day the way you want to live it.