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2002-09-03 01:07:44 (UTC)

Hey It s me. Summer s pretty..

It's me. Summer's pretty much over. I just realised this
while watching the Jerry Lewis telethon on CBS. I worked
on my collage and sat around and did nothing for the entire
day. Grandma was awfully tired and she slept most of the
day, and mom is up in Saratoga with Karl. She will be back
home tomorrow, but she's going into work, thank god.
I feel like I should be doing something productive. I took
my meds at 6:30 and now I'm too tired to focus on this
properly. I got about half of my collage done, but when I
stood back and examined it, I noticed for the first time
how truly ugly it is. But, oh well. I'll keep it going.
I have been playing the same music all day, all week, all
month, all Kylie. Sigh. I guess even I can get sick of
I gave Impossible Princess and Hits to Charles for his
trip to Manhattan. I guess he is renting a place in Queens
and will be there most of the fall and winter. I told him
yesterday that I wanted to keep our friendship strictly non-
sexual. He's a great guy, though. He understood. He
treated for lunch at The Daily Grind. We sat and talked
for a while and then he gave me a ride home.
I have unofficially cut off connections with Dave, simply
by no longer calling him. To my knowledge, he does not
have my number.
It's true that my friendship with Alexandria is winding
down and I can see it will be ending soon. She sees it
too. I said to her yesterday, in a very serious tone, "We
need to talk." But then something happened with Kay and I
had to go. It's just not what it used to be. We have
little to talk about, partly because there were so many bad
things that I was doing that I knew I couldn't share with
her because she would not approve. I shared those types of
things with Kailee, and she thought it was cool. But she's
not the same as Alexandria. She's...bad. She just isn't a
great influence. I don't need to hang out with people who
are going to pressure me to do drugs. Alexandria is the
total opposite, cute, innocent, virginal. We grew apart.
And now I have to talk it out with her to see if she even
feels we should bother trying to work through it.
I need to go. My meds are kicking in and it's hard to stay