Hobbes' Diary
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2002-09-03 00:58:56 (UTC)

feelin down

i dunno what's gotten into me. i had the best time last
nite at dana's house. it was awesome and way too funny.
hee hee. south park....such crude humor :/ lol! but after
i left, i dunno what happened. i'm all emotional and on a
rampant. i hope this is only part of being a teenager. we
talked about *gulp* spencer. shit, i should just forget.
hah. i mean it was a long time ago. i'm just gunna quit
there. but i've got doubts now. about my friendship with
dana. i don't want to, but i can't ignore it. i love her
to death. she's like a sister to me. i mean, we get cranky
together, get happy together, get high! i
mean it's hilarious just how much we're alike. i mean,
god, we're both hoes. hahahahaha. that was too funny...
anywho, can't you tell i'm adhd positive. random subject
changes for no apparent reason. all i want to do is have a
normal life again. i just want to get outof highschool.
i'm sick of living in this place. i'm thinking new york!
new york, new york or manhatten. boston, mass.! broadway!
i just want to leave here, and go somewhere exciting. i
want to be in the lights and action. i want big crowd. i
know, i know. there's too much evil in those places
though. well screw it. as long as i can live out my dream,
i'll be satisfied. i definantly (spl?) want to go to
juliard. i want to be theatrical preformances. i want to
be a singer. lol! i just want to do everything. *sigh* i
think i'm gunna go listen to some puddle of mudd.

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