The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-09-03 00:05:05 (UTC)

if i wanted more high school, i would have gone to Purdue

So today kind of sucked. I decided to do my laundry, which
turned out less than well. There was no change machine in
the laundry room, I had no money in my student account, and
the office for student accounts was supposed to be open but
wasn't. So I ended up having to borrow $1.25 in quarters
from my roommate, and I didn't even get all of my laundry
done. Plus the dryers suck and won't dry my jeans all the
way. But I guess that's to be expected.

So one of my hallmates was showing me some pictures of his
friend's band on their website when he gets a message from
the girl across the hall. It said something along the lines
of "are you ready, don't say anything to dave." So I guess
the lot down at the end of the hall was going someplace, and
they didn't want me along. But hey, you know what? That's
ok. If they don't want to have anything to do with me, so
be it. It's their loss. And if they're not honest enough
to come out and say so, fuck 'em.

Anyway, that's the first time I'm aware of that anything of
that sort has gone on. In truth, I didn't figure this hall
was like that; I figured if there were problems, then they'd
be discussed, instead of just excluding people. Maybe I was
wrong, at least about that subset of people.

I'm just hoping I haven't gotten myself into some situation
like the kind of crap that happened in high school. Because
that would be royally fucked. Maybe college isn't all it's
cracked up to be, I don't know. Whatever the case, this is
some stupid shit that I'm dealing with.

Later on, I went to the poster sale and arrived as they were
closing up shop. Guess I'll go tomorrow. After coming back
to the dorm, I tried to find someone who was up for going to
dinner, but most everyone had already gone. It turned out
all right, though; I ended up eating dinner with a guy on my
floor who's probably a bigger Transformers fan than I am.
Long live '80s pop culture.

In summary, the people who run the accounts office suck for
not being there when they're supposed to, the laundry room
also sucks, Transformers is universal, and I ran into a bit
of carried-over high school-esque bullshit.

This is Dave, signing off.