Good morning, penguins!
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2002-09-02 23:18:44 (UTC)

School's back, good Labor Day weekend

School's back. 10th grade now. Schedule is stupid this
year. Had a nice weekend, though. We went to Wicomico (a
river in Maryland). My grandparents had a beach house
there before I was born, so my mom went there a lot as a
kid. We still know people there, and this Sunday was "Field
Day". This has events like "Shoe Fly" (who can kick a shoe
off his or her foot farthest). My favorite was "Potato
Catapults" (build a machine to throw a potato). I think
the best distance was about 50 or 60 feet, but the average
was about 12. One group (not as part of the competition)
built a potato cannon out of PVC pipe and an electric gas
grill igniter. The propellant was hair spray (gasoline,
lighter fluid, and spray paint had all been tested and
failed). The end of the barrel had been filed down so that
you could press a potato onto it to make a core the perfect
size and push it down with a stick. It had amazing range.
We came home and test drove a new car for my mom, a white
2002 Mercury Sable (my mom's current car is a white 1996
Sable, and her last car was a white 1990 Sable, but before
that, it was a white Chevy Malibu). It was different, but
in some ways more like the old (1990) Sable. Fortunately,
most of the things that were like the old one were things
that we liked, but were removed from the 96, such as map
pockets in the doors. We checked, and my cello fits in the
trunk (yes, I play the cello, and whether it fits is
important). This year, we also drive someone else to
school, so we can't just put in the back seat. The school
requires that you learn a stringed instrument (when they
say this, they really mean violin, viola, or cello,
although you could probably take bass if you really wanted
to). Fortunately, he chose the viola (we're not in any of
the same classes, but music is on the same days). Wow,
long entry.