Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-09-02 23:07:46 (UTC)

Being there.

This weekend was pretty good. Stc left, so that's been
different but I'll get used to it (she'll be back for a
visit in 2 weeks).

Saturday night Jeg, Hel & I got together. We cruised
around town, met up with a bunch of people & hit the bar.
Later on there was a party, which sucked. We knew no one at
first, later people came but it was still pretty dead. I
flirted with Tis a lot that night again, there's nothing
between us the rest of the time but once we get drinking we
always get stupid. It's fun but totally meaningless.

Yesterday Shm picked me up and we camped in Pt.R for the
night at her parent's trailer site. It was pretty nice, but
her mom had a fall & ended up getting 30 stitches in her
forehead. Bummer. :( Shm's going through a lot right now
with her friend J who has turned into a psycho bitch. She
has gone to the drunk tank twice now for freaking out on S
& beating on her. This time she showed up the next morning,
broke down her door and freaked out on S & some guy. Bagged
him. What the phuck?! PSYCHO. I told S to stay the hell
away, I'll be pissed if she decides to forgive J, as she
has in the past.

Anyhow, not much really is new with me. Got back in touch
with my friend MaT who I met online a couple years ago.
Would love to meet the guy some day, he's very cool.

But yeah, that's all for me. Might have to work
tomorrow....who knows? Boss was supposed to have called by
now????? Oh well. Been off since Thursday.


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