I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-09-02 22:42:34 (UTC)


Well. Work was long today. When it's slow, the time takes
longer to pass. As I was putting back a butternut squash,
a woman called my name, and came over to talk to me. It
turns out it was the mother of a girl I went to high
school with. Her daughter is at Brown University; is a
grad student in computer science and will eventually do
some kind of computer engineering. She is really smart.
Always has been.

Anyway, the mother asked if I had graduated, and I had to
tell her no. I told her that I was here and that I was at
a community college and living at home and working at a $7
per hour job (well, not the pay, but she knows where I
work and it's easy to see that we're not paid much). It
was really depressing to tell her all this. And it got me
to thinking.

Here I am, 22 years old, still at home, no school, and a
$7 an hour job. All the people that come through my line
have moved on from their parents and are now working and
supporting themselves and their family(ies).

I am not. And I feel like I'll never get there. And it's
frustrating. And depressing. Will I ever get to that point
that I'll be able to provide for myself? Will I ever grow
up and stop being such a pussy? *sigh*