My Life... My Rules
2001-07-19 14:53:17 (UTC)

Just Today

Well, not much has been happening lately.
I've just been sitting around the house. We
got home Sunday, and I haven't been anywhere
Andrew and i are not getting to talk as often.
He is helping build a castle for their VBS up
there, he's taking driver's ed, and otherwise,
staying busy. :-) So, we don't get to talk
as much. That's okay, though. He calls when
he gets a chance, and with him working, I think
it's just enough to hold us both over until we
get to talk again.
I'll finally get to see him again on Monday.
And then, we'll have a whole week together. I
have to sing for church Sunday night. :-(
I don't want to, but I gotta. Andrew said that
he would try to be there, but he's not going to
be able to make it because he has to work. :-(
But that's okay. I'm not going to complain,
because he's working for his future. And that's
something that I don't see too many people doing
around here.
Well, I'm going to Missouri with Robin for
Thanksgiving. I had wanted to spend that
time with Andrew, but I think he's busy.
That's okay, though. I hope to see hime for
his birthday, then Christmas, and then my
birthday. By the time my birthday rolls around,
he'll be driving, so maybe he'll get to come see
me. :-) I really hope so.
I miss him so much. I wish we lived a little
closer, but then, I like it just how it is.
Seeing him is more special this way, and I know
him by his voice, personality, the things he says,
(stuff like that), and not just his looks.
(I'm not saying he looks bad or anything, because
believe me, he's a hotty, but it's good to know
that I love him for who he is and not just what
he looks like.) :-)
Well, Robin emailed me. She asked about some
baby names... which ones I like. There was
one in there that she said she liked alot.
Chelly L'net. :-) I like that one. :-)
It's cool. She emailed me from her dad's house.
He has CompuServe, too, so I put the sn on my
Buddy List.
Oh, I can't wait until camp! I hope Robin's
having fun at Sherwin's! Well, I gotta go.
More later.