Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
2002-09-02 21:56:12 (UTC)

Back at the beginning

Boy, I'm telling you. There's no getting over some people.
i thought i was ok with adam. and that i wanted to be
friends. but the other day in bio 2, he was talking andout
tiffeny and i just started to cry. i know he knew that i
could hear him and i couldnt help but believe that he
wanted me to hear him. he knows he upset me with the whole
thing, but he didnt have to do that.

tonight i have to work till ten. i dont even feel like
going in. i've been feeling sick lately. i called in last
night though. i wasnt even supposed to work tonight, but i

anyway, i'm gonna go lay down. i'm tired and have to go to
work pretty soon.

bye bye