My Confessions
2002-09-02 21:18:50 (UTC)

Parents OUT of town

Dear Diary,

So, first week of school is over! And no school today,
yaaay! So, I had to drive my parents to the airport today,
and now that they are finally gone the fun will begin!
Sorry I didn't write that much last week, i was busy
with homework and new school clothes shopping. Stacey
keeps calling me to talk about Jay. I don't know what to
tell her. The thing that really pisses me off is that she
still has a boyfriend! I don't get it! Its like she
doesn't want to break up with her bf until she is sure that
jay will go with her, its like she can't not have a bf. I
don't know, I don't like it.
Since my parents are gone, Collete has invited this guy
Mike over. The two of them are up in my parents room right
now going at it. They are so fucking loud too! Its really
annoying. I invited Alyssa, Ben, Jay, Sam, Stacey, Desi
and told them to invite guys or whoever over tonight so at
least I won't be stuck hearing Cole have sex all night.
Thank god!
Well i need to get out of this house I can't take their
noise any more. I think i will head over to Jay's since
he's home alone too.

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