My Life
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2001-07-19 14:09:48 (UTC)

hum hey

Hey it's been awhile since I wrote not too much has been
going on well I guess that allot probually has been giong
on but I don't remember what I last wrote so I don't
remember where to update you from so I dunno anyway like it
So, I have been doing good with school. I took some pre
ged tests the other day or some shit and I guess that I
scored pretty good and the teacher said that she is going
to try to get me in for ged testing asap which is really
cool cause I want to get into college as soon as I can. I
hope to start winter semester at the latest.
Yea so life has been pretty decent I suppose. I have
been clean, totally clean for over a week now. I smoked
when I went home from break it was so hard not too but I
only smoked a few times. I am confident that straight edge
is what I want to do. It just seems right for me. I have
spent enough time on drugs, I am ready to be sober and face
the world! I have been very proud of myself lately. I have
been making allot of wise decisions. Well, I stole not too
long ago...and I promised my mother that I wouldn't! But I
got all kinds of cool decks and shit and I am not going to
do it again so I think it will be ok. I was a wreck when I
was walking out of the store!!! Like seriously, and then
when I was walking down the street I was like having
trouble breathing and shit! It sucked! I hate stealing!!
But oh well I got what I needed, ok wanted, and I am not
going to do it again. I have to keep my promise to my mom.
I have to make more postive changes in my life.
I don't really know what to say to you or how to say it
so I think that I am going to let you go cause I am tired
of writing a bunch of nothing. K so later, buh bye.