Germany and Beyond
2001-07-19 14:05:04 (UTC)

Patty and Home

So, I have been running around like a crazy person because
my good friend Patty is here visiting me, and I have to get
things ready to go home. I can not believe that I am going
to America forever in four days. It seems like I just got
here, yet at the same time it feels like I have been here
forever. I have been throwing my shit in bags and trying
to organize to leave. I also have been trying to get my
grades for my classes. I have to get these things called
Scheins signed by my professors with the grade on them, and
then I have to get the Scheins stamped by the IDF office,
and the office is only open on Thrusday and Tuesday, so I
put them in the post box of the office with a stamped
envelope hoping that they will send them to the Office of
off campus stuff. I can not explain how confusing it is,
but I have had a headache for the past 5 days, I swear!

A couple days ago, Patty and I saw the funniest bum. He
was this old man with a giant backpack, and whenever he saw
someone, he would make a farting noise at them or blow his
whistle at them. Patty thinks he really is not a bum, but
an aristocrat (or something to that effect) who is bored of
the lush life and decided to dress in funny bum clothes and
make farting noises.

We also saw another bum who had no butt in his pants; his
bum was hanging out of the back of his non existant pants.
We laughed at him...but then we thought he might have
actually been a street performer.

So, I am also going to Italy. I am leaving with Patty
tomorrow and going to Innsbruck at 6 in the morning. We
are then going to get picked up by Bernadette in Innsbruck
and she is going to drive us to Verona that day. It will
be ultra cool. We also got tickets to see "Nabucco," an
opera at the Colusseum. What a way to end this giant
Vacation of mine. We are coming back on Sunday afternoon
or something...I really am not sure.

Since I am leaving on Tuesday afternoon, this is probably
going to be my last online diary dealing with my
experiences in Germany. Sad! However, I am still going to
use this to write about my culture shock of coming back
into America. So, stay tuned!

Wish me a safe flight back to America!