Jersey Girl
2002-09-02 20:00:21 (UTC)

Labor Day Weekend Suprises.

There are 3 kinds of suprises in this world:

One: When you do something that you never thought you'd do.

Two: One eyed cats.

Three: When something happens that you never thought would.

And im proud to say that i have had a part in all 3 of
these suprises, lol.

Friday night i spent the night at Carol's... which was
amazing, to say the least. After we watched a movie
together, we engaged in serious conversation. it was good
conversation though, and it was about topics that needed to
be brought up. At the end of the conversation, Carol asked
me a question, i dont know if she ment it as a joke, or if
she really wanted to know, but whatever the reason, it was
something i wanted to tell her for a while now, but i was
afraid to bring it up. The question was "When you kiss me,
do u feel that connection you were talking about?"
The answer that i felt was right there, in my head, in my
mouth, and as i told her, i felt so good inside, just to be
able to tell her how i truly felt. All with just one
word, "YES".

We were up until 6:30am after that.

The next morning... er.. um, AFTERNOON, lol. It was about
2pm when i woke up. I decided to do the dishes. Yea, what a
wodnerful suprise, to wake and and actually WANT to do the
dishes! LOL. but wait, it gets better... when Carol woke up
at 4pm, i told her i wanted to make dinner for us. I
thought about that as i washed the dishes lol. So she took
me to the store and i bought some stuff to cook up, and i
came back, and made dinner. I had never in my life made
that b4, but it was BANGIN! lol. Thats also the 1st time i
ever made dinner for anyone. it felt good, i wanted to.

I just really had such a great weekend.

Oh, and i just wanna say, before i leave, that Top Ten
Lists are cool! :o)

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