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2002-09-02 19:28:09 (UTC)

this.bitch.is.ganna.get.hurt (send feedback)

SpOrTStUdRyN333: where u at?
Auto response from Sk8erChick2004: hey ill be back...
=^o.o^= MeOw....

Sk8erChick2004: i was listening to nelly & kellys song
SpOrTStUdRyN333: my song:)
Sk8erChick2004: heheheh and waiting 4 u
Sk8erChick2004: thats my song!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: if i get booted stay on
SpOrTStUdRyN333: na uh
Sk8erChick2004: ok i will
SpOrTStUdRyN333: how bout it be both of r song?
Sk8erChick2004: ok we can share!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: ok
Sk8erChick2004: :D
SpOrTStUdRyN333: omg
SpOrTStUdRyN333: u dont even like me?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: OMG
Sk8erChick2004: what?
Sk8erChick2004: *lost*
SpOrTStUdRyN333: brittanie jus wrote me an
e~mail...saying u like sum other kid'

Sk8erChick2004: who!?!?!?!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: u wangt me to send u the e~mail?
Sk8erChick2004: yes
Sk8erChick2004: dont listen to her
SpOrTStUdRyN333: sent
Sk8erChick2004: omg thats not even funny
Sk8erChick2004: im ganna kill that bitch!
Sk8erChick2004: none of thats true
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yeaaa r u lieing to me?
Sk8erChick2004: she's just pissed b/c i was threatning to
kick her ass
Sk8erChick2004: im not lying to you id never lie to you
SpOrTStUdRyN333: ok!
Sk8erChick2004: dont even talk to her she lies
Sk8erChick2004: she did this to heather and her b/f
Sk8erChick2004: what a bitch!!!!
Sk8erChick2004: i love you and nobody else and i try to
treat u the best i can and NO i dont wanna be a virgin 4
SpOrTStUdRyN333: u treat GREAT
SpOrTStUdRyN333: Kupidsangel2008: ok she still like
derek varner
SpOrTStUdRyN333: omg
Sk8erChick2004: ...i do but i got u so i dont care about
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yeah
Sk8erChick2004: and i dont ditch u 4 my friends actually
it was the other wya around today
Sk8erChick2004: i ditched jess so i could talk to u
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yeA
Sk8erChick2004: u dont believe me
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yea i do
Sk8erChick2004: :(
Sk8erChick2004: ask her what her problem is
SpOrTStUdRyN333: but i mean that is 2 ppl said u like him
Sk8erChick2004: who else?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: ur sis
SpOrTStUdRyN333: told me u tlked bout him the hole ngith
when u came home from the game!!!!!
Sk8erChick2004: yea i like him but not love him i love
Sk8erChick2004: and i talked about u more
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yeah!
Sk8erChick2004: u dont believe me again?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: yes i do
Sk8erChick2004: ok
SpOrTStUdRyN333: welp hey i g2g
SpOrTStUdRyN333: my brother needs the phone
Sk8erChick2004: ok :(
SpOrTStUdRyN333: write me an e~mail,.........lOve You
SpOrTStUdRyN333: :-*
Sk8erChick2004: love you 2 bye
Sk8erChick2004: :(
SpOrTStUdRyN333: bye?
SpOrTStUdRyN333: lol

heres the email she wrote him:
Hey Ryan,
this is brittanie and i'm just tryin to warn that
sam is not treatin you right you should tell her to treat
you like a real girlfriend would she never does anything
with you she ditch you for her freinds like at the beginng
and it was like you forced her to kiss you and she said she
was goin to be a virgin for ever and i dont think that is
right if you want a girlfriend who is not goin to treat you
right you need some help well i am just tryin to say DUMP
HER you a weird if you dont you need some one to treat you
right i mean she dont even say she loves you and i know why
oit is cuz she likes this kid named o never mind i am not
expose to tell!
well g2g w/b brittanie