The Other Diary
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2002-09-02 19:17:11 (UTC)

the one i might turn in

Have you ever heard a song, maybe the last thirty seconds
of it, or maybe noticed part of it in the background while
you sit sipping your coffee and talking to you friend, and
just been immediately attracted to it? Then proceeded to
venture out looking for the CD in the hope of something
amazing, bought the CD and in anticipation ripped the
plastic cover frantically off the CD case before even
turning your car on in the parking lot? Then driven, or
been driving, while listening – intently, so intently that
other cars, other drivers, signs, lights, the sky, are all
just memories that you will never remember over the new
songs that were rolling over your head and through your
brain. Been listening with such effort, searching mentally
for something, a line, a chorus, a guitar riff, or drum
line that appeals to you, entices you. Then continued to
listen to that song over and over until you understand it
with every breath of your being. Been such apart of the
words that you’ve had to squeeze your eyes shut at the
straining of the voice like it hurts you somewhere deep
inside. Screaming the words in your mind as the singer
screams them for an audience of one into your ear.
Personally reflecting upon every one of those words, every
one of those ideas. The ideas that you wish you could have
had half the imagination to turn into something beautiful,
something that people run out and buy, and listen to with
their eyes shut tight, hanging onto every word as if it
were their own souls being sang back to them. Have you just
ever been so into a song, so wrapped up in it that nothing
else matters. Nothing else seems to have any sort of edge
over the way it makes you feel, because I know I have.
Because I know deep inside that music can do that
to me. Music can move me to dance or to cry. Music can turn
one of my greatest moods into one of my most phenomenal and
memorable days. Music is running constantly like the stocks
rolling by the bottom of a TV screen through my mind,
reminding me of people and times, like the journal I never
kept. My life is a compellation of sounds, guitar riffs,
songs and voices. Certain ones evoke certain emotions,
everyone more enjoyable than the last. Sounds and emotions
never ending in my mind; as it should be, and as it will
always stay.

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