Tales from my heart
2002-09-02 18:31:47 (UTC)

What an Awful Day

Awwwwww i feel so rough, my head is killing. Been working
hard again as usual at my job (careers advisor)
Had to deal with some real awkward people today ¬_¬
Right i suppose i better tell you a little about myself.

I'm Rachel, i'm 19 and i'm female (duh)
I live in the UK and lead a strange life that kinda touches
on Dawsons Creek, lol.
I am just and average looking girl with a unhappy past
which, with help of this diary i can put things into

I lead a very dull life, so if i bore you then i am so so
so so sorry.

Work has been awful, i had to do some cleaning today, and
it wasn't very nice, i feel really really sick. In fact its
only just 7:30pm and i want to go to bed. I think i'll just
chat to some of my wonderful friends today.

I ment someone new off one of the websites i visit, hes
real nice to talk to and understands how i feel and what i
have been through.

Anyways, can't think of much more to say, i guess i'm just
rambling so peace out.