A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
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2001-07-19 10:24:19 (UTC)

you'll never escape the wrath of rubber band ball

::music:: ::candiria:: ::infected wisdom::
::mood:: ::missing someone:: (you know who it is)

some kind of preservation to excel my space in life,
keeping things new, as aside from the old, whatever in my
dreams to help be consistent, with a grip on reality but
always escaping to the fiction, to deal with perplexing
and mundane. Its a tyrant but a rest full one at that, not
much can be said about the sleeping demons, the urges to
freak out, do to the lack of structure in this brain of
mine, not instability but more like fed up, seeing myself
holding onto this mask of sanity, i held it pretty well so
far and i fell the urge to slip fading away. Nevertheless
their are times when things cant go the way you want them
to, seems sense i turned 20 everything got harder to
accomplish, college became a waste of time due to the time
and effort i put in to working. money became imperative,
but the need to further my education did to. but it was
more then that, my apartment, my girlfriend at the time,
and my car. Torrid times cause the defamation of everything
i held close to my heart, i felt like i failed, next to
killing desire with satisfaction...

when will it all be saved? what am i dong here? is their a
purpose to my existence?
why yes, its to create the world largest rubber band ball,
after i finish constructing the 1.2000 pound ball-o-madness
i will hoist is onto a very large helicopter (the one with
the 2 propellers, you know whats up) then drop it causing
mass damage to any city it bounces on. Now you must be
saying Jeff wont this kill people? your prognoses will be
only the smart will survive, cause lets face it if you saw
a 600 ft ball bouncing towards you would you just stand
there, well if you do, you an idiot and deserved to get
I'll call it the ball of "idiot" bill would be the first
moron to try and catch it, followed by a battle with the
national guard. see the guard will keep shooting and cause
its made of rubber the bullets will more then likely bounce
off. damn its to good I'm going to get rubble bands tomorrow

(I miss mccall) if and when you read this. Hi sweetheart,
your gonna help with the rubber bands, umka?

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