Showie 4 Life
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2002-09-02 15:08:12 (UTC)


Up to this year, I really didn't fit in anywhere. People at
my school are either rich and stuck up, rich and nice, or
rich and thuggish. None of those categories really apply to
me at all. But through my show choir I have finally made
many friends and it is all because I started acting like me
instead of someone else just to try and fit in. My friends
are Andrew (Best Friends) Cortnee (His Girlfriend) Laura
(My Girlfriend)- We are kinda like the "Four Pack" Usually
we are always together because we have a study group that
meets EVERY DAY after school and then we usually go out to
dinner afterward.
Andrew is a really cool guy. We have a lot of the
same interests - Girls, Show Choir, Singing, The Sims, etc -
We met eachother last year when it was my first year in
show choir and he was on the set crew. We really didn't
hang out that much until the end of the year when the group
went on a long trip to Portsmouth, OH. We spent the whole
trip together trying to get to know eachother. After that
we really didn't hang out all that much until this summer.
This summer we really weren't seperated all that much
except for family vacations and what not. At the moment we
are both dog sitting for my aunt while she is in Michigan
visting some friends for Labor Day weekend.
Cortnee is the most laid back girl I have ever met
my entire life. There is only one thing that really bothers
me about her. Whenever Andrew and she are together they are
always all over eachother - not that Laura and I aren't-
but I just think that they are moving a little bit to fast
and that might cause "The Four Pack" to break up in the
future. It also doesn't help that they are so into this
relationship when Cortnee has to go to college next year.
Well that is all for now!!!!!!

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