the world through the eyes of madahorn
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2002-09-02 10:33:33 (UTC)

get over it

there comes a time when u just finally gotta get over it.
and fuck is it hard. you want to go back in time, erase it,
start over, make the pain go away, but u cant. its just not
that simple. tho, u shouldnt forget about all the shit u
have every regretted, cuz then what do u learn? to hid
everything? thats not good at all. u should just put it
outta of ur everyday thoughts, but never forget its there,
learn from it. i mean lifes fully of mistakes right? but
what good is it if u dont get anything from it? move on.
yes moving on it good, its gets u to have fun in life, to
LIVE ur life. what good is life if dont live it? yes, live
life like theres no tomorrow. then again, tomorrow, when ur
dead, u may find urself somewhere even better, who knows. i
dont, and really nobody does. what would the point in that
be? i was talking to a friend of mine today, and he said,
well there really is no point to life. and was thinking,
and really i agree with him but i dont. i mean in the long
run, we have our goals, and there is really no defenite
thing were supposed to be living for, not actual goal, i
mena besides the obvious, u know "be a good person..yadda
yadda yadda..." thats of coure where the religios person
steps in with, were here to serve god, and be good people
who pray and so on and so forth. i personally think thats a
crock of shit. but hey, thats the great thing about life,
were all intitled to our own personal oppinion, intailing,
we can think and beleive whatever the fuck we want. but bak
to my friend today, its kinda hard to believe were here for
no reason, cuz i mean quite simpily, doesnt that just sound
like shit? like, "here u are,(the deep movie preview voice
says) here, on the wounderful earth enjoy!!"... so u
ask "hmm cool why?" and the booming voice says......"no
reason!!" uhh wait did i miss something?? thats when my
after life thoughts come in, really, there HAS to be
something, but uhh thata a whole nother debate with myself
i will not get into tonight. to tired, maybe my next
exciting journal entery. oh yes but one more thing, change
is good. sex is fun, but it only lasts so long, friendship
lasts forever.

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