This is Growing Up.
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2001-07-19 07:01:52 (UTC)

Subconscious Thoughts

" Love is a tyrant sparing none"-Pierre Corneille.

It's windy.


hmm... Time for writing.
*opens up journal, takes out a pen and ponders*
Alright... Let us begin..

I'm still angry. Why doesn't he just say "I'm sorry?"
Should I say it first? When is the best time to say you're
sorry. What if it was your fault and his? Should you just
be the 'big man' and step up? Why do I! have to step up?
Ahh... as sweet as gentle as I may sound, my pride eats it
all up. Damn the man. Damn my pride! Damn him for making
me feel this way! Bastard! *sigh* I need a break.

Men. *points* All you men.
You don't-

My heart *puts her hand on her chest*-

My dearest Jus-*sigh*
I am... your ribs. I keep your heart intact and safe. I
stand by you through thick and thin, good or bad. I
am...yours. I am here! Why don't you say hi! *looks at the
messenger* Say Hi. Please don't be mad. *sigh*
Should I go for it?
Yes. Yes. Here I go... *smiles* Pride Barrier down...
Time to grow up.

"How can a person so young fall 'in love'? It doesn't
happen until you are older. Wiser." *sigh* It does happen,
my dear. And like everyone else...it spares none of

I think the sad part about love is when you're lonely
again. That's why so many people just don't let go.
They're afraid of it. But sometimes you just want it all to
go away but loneliness knows no boundaries after all. It
doesn't care about the color of your skin or the numbers in
your back account. It just waits for its opportunity to
crawl inside you and put a shadow over your heart.

Fare to thee well, ladies and gentlemen..



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