Little Pook

SiGH exHaLES HeaRt
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2001-07-19 07:00:46 (UTC)

Dreaming of Shadows

You know the ones that keep us up late nights....
The ones that drove us to high ledges.
Without enough to drink.
Without enough cigarettes to smoke.
We could never get high enough to actually jump could we...
Still that was a long time ago.
There still isn't enough to drink....
Secrets Juliana....
Our secret dreams Juliana.
We used to dream of Luca.
But now,now our hearts have grown cold.
Because now we know Luca will never exist for us again.
He said he never wanted to breathe again....said he wanted
to save the body and leave..wanted to go to his quiet place.
"...All of the things you thougt,you thought.Come with me
Little Girl.What's this boy hiding you ask.There's
something this boy doesn't want to tell.You're just fooling
yourself! Shall we save the body tonight?"
Those were the last words he spoke to me Juliana....
I wish i could be with him right now.
I just want him to hold me tight in his strong hands...
I just want to feel small again.