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2001-07-19 06:36:39 (UTC)

straight edge

On Sunday, I got to see Brett. I rode the god-damn bus for
him! i hate the bus! i hate the erry guys on it, it just
sux! but i rode it for him. anyway i was at his house from
6-11 pm. his parents were home so don't get any bad ideas!
anyway when we did have a lil' fun, i felt sick. like i was
going to throw up. it was wierd. the room began to spin and
i had to sit down. he brought me water but it totally
killed the moment.which sux cuz i hardely see him. and when
i do theres always other people around so theres not much
quality time together. but the pt. of this was, that the
fainting part scared me. i have never fainted in my life
and it scared me. i think it was just cuz i was dehydrated.
or at least thats what im telling myself it was.but anyway
im going to see him on friday! which is awsome! i love
seeing him, talking to him, kissing him, whatever. if he's
involved, it's all good. chris called me infatuated. and im
sure i am. she explained its that he is always on my mind.
he is,i can't help it.
anyway this sounds like an incredable boring entry. im sure
it is!but uh, its my life. pretty boring and straight
edge.but i like my life. see, i'm sure chris, u understand!
were soul sis'. we r alike in a lot of ways! it's awsome.
anyway until i come up w/ better this will have to do.
but besides there isnt a prob w/ being staright edge
anyway. i like to have fun just safe fun. where i can
rememebr what i did, u know. anyway till later

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