Incessant Ponderings
2002-09-02 07:13:38 (UTC)

My wierd dream

I'll always remember the dream where I drive up to my
school which is now the Mall of America in a VW bus, walk
in and it's now a casino and my old geometry teacher's in
the lobby and I'm trying to get away in a wheelchair. I'm
back outside in an open air shopping center and I go to a
bar and my old hs counselor serves me a peach daquiri. I
enter a Macy's where I get lost in racks of bras and stare
up at the infinitely tall wall of silicone breast enhancers
and then I go through a door and end up in a castle and
when I look through a window, I'm looking down into an
atruim where people are running because someone's shooting
at everyone and I rappel down a rope into a parking garage
and when I get outside I'm on the tarmac at Sacramento
Int'l Airport and I'm running from the feds with the cast
of Roswell. Suddenly, I'm alone and I'm running on a
freeway. An old car starts chasing me and now I'm in a
monster truck, trying to get away. I plow through junky old
cars and get out of the truck and end up in a malibu beach
house. I'm rnning from something, so I book it through the
back door and suddenly I'm about to run off a desert cliff.
I jump and as I'm falling, the band members of Aerosmith
are falling too and Steven Tyler is busy singing into his
mic. I look around (still falling) and when I look down, I
see the las vegas strip, specifically the Excalibur.
Suddenly, I'm on the ground, face down. As I pick up my
head and look up, the first thing I see is