pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
2002-09-02 07:11:34 (UTC)

take your pick

how can he get rid of something so good
i've told him so much
we have this knowledge
we never dare tell anyone
so has it been
since we can actually vent
to anyone other than ourself.
so much we gave
too much we let out
its hard to go back
when you know what you want
and you know what you shouldn't give.
how often does a person
such as this come by
take you as you are
and change everything they are
for your happiness alone
the will itself is enough
to act on it, you wouln't dare ask for it
but what can you do
when you now HAVE a life you've only dreamed of
but to have it you must live as one with them
you must convince yourself
you must allow yourself limits
you must sacrifice
the life you've always dreamed of
which is the life of a person you have
always longed to be and have just now
realized that you ARE the person
you thought was make-beleive.
both lives you've lived
both lives you've tried
one brings you happiness and sorrow
one brings you a life without pain but no true smiles.
so take your pick she says
but chose wisly my friend
for this offer can also lead to madness.