~The Misplaced Memories of a Dork~
2001-07-19 06:16:18 (UTC)

who knows

Well yesterday Josh came over and we rented a movie and got
ice cream and just hung out at the house. Great time even
though he still hadnt figured out what to do about Tara and
I dont know about Pat. Then today i went over to his house
and we watched some other movies and i played cards and
stuff with him and his mom. It was fun. Nate called earlier
and asked if i was gonna go to the party but i didnt want
to cause i wanted to hang out with Josh and i asked Nate if
i would see him friday for the concert and he goes "oh no i
dont think im gonna make it" and i had heard earlier that
he was still with Missy and they were going to a show in
Corona together but i didnt think so. write more tom my mom
is spazzing.