My Life
2001-07-19 06:01:47 (UTC)

In a hurry

Well this is my first entry into my diary. Today was an Ok
day, probaly sucked for the most part. I was bored all day.
I came home and as usual I wasn't in the mood for the
normal mom duties, I cheated supper and went to get some
motivation. Got that, cleaned everything and did all the
laundry and chores and decides somewhere in there that I
wanted to start a diary of my crazy world. So here I am.
Kristen stayed up with me until 12:30, she was being very
good. She helped me with all the chores in exchange for
staying up. I finished everything so now it is sitting down
time. I turned on the tv and the pc. I'm starting to wind
down now. Didn't last as long as I hoped. It will be hard
for me to go to work tomorrow without a little more "help"
so I called Jeff and he is going to make a house call. He
is so nice to me. Today, Vince and I are still fighting as
bad as ever. The last thing he said to me was to not call
anymore and I hung up. I intend on not calling. I don't
know how long that will last. I really do love him, I just
can't live with his possessiveness any more. Maybe he will
miss me enough to change. But I doubt it. Anyway just
wanted a base page to start. At the top of me sitting down
list is to write Vince a letter. So I better start on that.
Peace! Melissa