True confessions of the curly headed gir
2002-09-02 05:01:12 (UTC)

Pros, cons and maybes

So, I was thinking who do I like more, Philip or Daniel?
And it occured to me last night: Philip. I did a pro/con
list and Philip has more pros and less cons than Daniel.
But, well, like I said, I still want to figure out Daniel.
But I also want to let him go and start concentraiting on
Philip (pip).
To take my mind off of things I went halloween costume
shopping. I like to plan months/weeks ahead. I know what
I'm gonna be and I'm ready to start making my costume. And
yes I do make my own costume, and I have to top last years
costume and I am! Last year I was Sally from THE NIGHTMARE
BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Everyone loved it and everyone's gonna
love my new costume. I'd tell you what I'm going to be,
but everytime I tell someone everyone finds out and does
something similar. But it's really cool!!!!!!
Labor day tomorrow. My sister invited a friend of hers
over. I didn't... which has made me come to realize I
wouldn't be able to invite a best friend because I don't
have one. I can never keep one as much as it pains me to
say that. My best friend or past best friend, Elena, is
not anymore. We haven't talked or done anything all
summer. Not one of us has made any attempt at all. Sad
thing is it doesn't bother me. But I'm used to it, I've
never had a best friend for longer than 2 years. Kind of
like an experation date or something. My mom told me she
was that way until she found the love of her life (my other
mom.) She says that she's her best friend. Which is cool
and all, but now I have to wait till I find my soul mate to
have a life-long best friend...man I hope not. Maybe this
year will be better, maybe I'll have a best friend to last
a life time, maybe I wont. I hate MAYBES, they are so
uncertain, not yes but not no.
By the way...I'm having a halloween party the saturday
before halloween. It is by far my favorite holiday.
Dancing, food, games...It's gonna be a blast. But I'm
gonna have one rule: you must have a costume. If they
don't show up in a costume, they can't come to the party.
This is gonna rock!