Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-07-19 05:13:39 (UTC)


Good: I got paid $18.75 tonight to do nothing but tell
people who called that we were closed for 3 hours while the
power was off at work.
Bad: I only got paid $25.00 for the 4 hours after the power
came on and we were twice as busy as usual, because we were
one of the only stores open in town because of the power

Good: I worked out.
Bad: I'm sore now.

Bad: I ate a whole lot!
Good: It was mostly stuff that's good for you. (What
brownie? What are you talking about?)

Good: I found out that I have a lot of hours scheduled for
the next pay period.
Bad: The reason I have all those hours is because I close 7
nights in a row.

Good: I talked to Jason today.
Bad: I talked to Jason today.

Good: I talked to Adam today.
Bad: I had to stop talking to Adam!

Good: I'm eating ice cream.
Better: It's fat free.
Even Better: It doesn't taste fat free!

Good: I leave in 29 days.
Bad: I'll miss my doggie! (Maybe no one else, but
definitely my dog!)

Good: I think Adam (the ex) wants me back.
Bad: Maybe he just wants sex.

Bad: I'm tired.
Good: I have tomorrow off.

Good: I have AudioGalaxy.
Bad: I don't have a CD burner yet.

Bad: A friend wanted me to sell her cigarettes illegally.
Good: She didn't come in. (Not that I would have anyway.
That is SO not cool!)

Bad: It stormed really bad today.
Good: My car is clean!

Good: I'm still alive to type this.
Bad: I'm out of things to say.

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