my mixed up world
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2001-07-19 05:11:38 (UTC)

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

A poem I wrote about John is being published in a book
called "Spirits Within". How awesome is that??!! I"m so
excited! The only thing that sucks is that I'm not going to
have a copy of the book 'cause it costs $50 and I don't
have that kind of money right now, but oh well. I'll write
the poem in here later so you all can see what is being
published. The poem's called "You", and it's basically
about my feelings for John combined with the feeling that I
don't really know who I am. Well that's all that I'm gonna
write right now, 'cause it's 1:10AM and I have to go look
for a job tomorrow with Caroline. So yeah. I'm out.