Thoughts to Share
2002-09-02 03:36:08 (UTC)

Sparkles is back in town

Whew...a wet weekend at home. I left the Creek Friday and
it rained A-L-L the way home...I kid you not. Then I had
the pleasure of wading through the yard to get in b/c my
family wasn't at home so I couldn't go through the garage.
It was kinda good that nobody was home b/c I did spend a
lot of Friday night studying. I was tired though....so I
ended up taking a short nap before I fixed myself some
dinner. Lucky was happy to see me though. :-) Or just
that someone was home to feed him. :-p
Daniel finally got home and yeah...we missed each other.
Weird how brothers and sisters apparently aren't expected
to get along, but we genuinely miss each other. He got
home late, so I stayed up talking to him for a while.
I went to bed, but refused to set my alarm clock. After
wakikng up at 6:15 all week, I did not want to be woken
up. I slept until the leisurely hour of 10:00. :-p
I did a little bit of work on Saturday, had lunch with my
dad, and headed out...in the rain...to run some errands.
Went to Blockbuster to pay a late fee. *mad face* Then out
to the mall. I went to see if I could find anymore clothes
for school since some things were on sale. Once it gets to
be cold weather, I don't have clothes that fit the dress
code. As it is...I have like 5 outfits...1 for every day.
Ha. Couldn't find anything to my liking. Did go to
Hallmark and bought Julie's b-day gift and a b-day card for
Blake. I'm so excited about Julie's. Hehe...I really
liked it. That had so much neat stuff....journals, picture
books, just neat little things, that I didn't need to buy,
so I passed them up. :-p
I braved the crowds in Wal-Mart to get some printer paper
(since I use a tree a week it seems) and the "required
calculator" for CU's pharmacy school. It's crazy I tell ya.

So yeah....the weekend was good. I had a good time with the family.
Brought Sparkles and the plant back to CU. The nature center by the
window is now complete. :-p I think Sparkles is a bit depressed
though. All this moving around, it confuses him.