Showie 4 Life
2002-09-02 02:33:00 (UTC)

The Family

Well, this is my first entry and I figured that I would
start out by telling you a little about me and about my
family. I am Nick and I go to a small private high school
in Indiana. I have a mom a dad a sister and a brother. My
family and I don't exactly get a long very well, but things
aren't quite as bad as they used to be. My mom is probably
my favorite because when it is just the two of us we get a
long great. I was an only child for 9 years until my sister
came about 7 years ago. I liked it much more before. My dad
on the other hand is an alcoholic (who thinks I don't know)
that is a real bastard. He is almost unbearable. I don't
see him much but when I do it always seems that he is in a
bad mood. Plus he is the process of loosing his job. I am
sure that he can get a new one in the field of work he is
in. He is the big money maker in the family. He likes to
threaten to send me to an IPS school where he says that I
would get killed in a heart beat. He hasn't ever fallen
through with the threat- Thank God (who I do believe in -
I'm Catholic) Now onto my sister. Andria is a little
premodonna. She is 7 years old and is a model. She loves
gymnastics but she can get away with everything. It makes
me sick. My brother is Lucifer's son. He is the epitomy of
all evil. He is only four, but he likes to tell me that
he's going to knock my teeth out, did I mension that he is
only like 3 feet tall (very small for his age). I also have
a dog named Bailey. Bailey is the most precious person in
my family. Notice how I just referred to him as a person.
He's a pure-bread golden lab. I love him. My old dog that I
had for 7 years died of Lukemia about 2 years ago. His name
was Bo. Well that's enough about my family. I will write
some more later.

Nick :)

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