The Crumb That Fell
2002-09-02 01:55:28 (UTC)

Beach Action

September 1 - 8:19 PM

What up? So, yea. I skipped a night. I was sitting on the
side of the road playing mash. You remember mash, right?
Okay, well it was quite annoying. But finally some "shit"
went down and all of the groceries in my back seat were put
to good use after all.

I don't know if it was just because I was stoned, but I
have to say that we literally saw the most fucked up thing
on TV last night. Court TV, to be exact. It was the
testimony of a STUFFED BEAR. The STUFFED BEAR had been
raped by an old Mexican man. The STUFFED BEAR story was
really going a little too far. There was, of course, the
haunting music playing in the background. There were people
crying. There was a judge with the whole gavel thing. It
was all very odd. Okay, so we finally figured out what it
was. They weren't showing the little girl's face, so they
decided to show a STUFFED BEAR, instead.

Moral of the story: Don't do drugs.