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2002-09-02 01:46:13 (UTC)


yea i havent written in a while..didnt feel like writing
about the stupid drama that i can never escape and
according to joey thats because i create it but whatever.
Yea last night was the party. Me and caroline and everyone
were all excited about it until the time came down for it
to happen. hell of people are shit and decided not to show
up when they said that they would so fuck them. So yea then
it seemed as if caroline were flirting with mike..i got
kind of mad but that was from lack of sleep and i was on my
last nerve. i trust her so yea...then i find out that
olivia is fuckin in the living room on the couch with david
the guy i like and she knows i like...and hes all got his
arms around her and shit and shes not trying to make him
stop..they didnt hear me walk in so that was funny..well
not lieterally..so yea then i get pissed at olivia cuz she
was hell of flirting with him and shit...so i see her grab
davids arm and lead him to my room where no one was and it
was hella dark and i old caroline and me and her walked
back to my room and caroline threw open the door and olivia
like jumped up..and u could tell something was
happening..so i walked away and she like was all we need to
talk. nah bitch your a hoe i dont think so. i dont
understand peoples mentallity theese days...so yea she made
out with him and said she did it cuz people were pressuring
her..bullshit! whatever. i dont care im still hell of
pissed at her but i gtg ill finish writing later.