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2002-09-02 01:31:54 (UTC)

Tired,Pissed off,and Hurt......

Ok...well yesterday I went to tha beach with Krista,we went
to Cedar Beach which is out in Kingsville...there were no
warnings or anything but that water was what
do we pay these parks and recs pple to do.Like the sand and
everything was Grrrr...clean the place up...

anyways...moving on to y I am VERY pissed off...when I told
Dave I was going to the beach and sleeping over at Krista's
on sat nite,he was like ok,I guess I'll just go home and
hang there for a while with Jim and my parents since I am
like always here.I was like ok,but myabe you should do
sumthin Gar and Bran cause they have been asking u to get
2gether and stuff,he was like no I don't wanna have
anything to do with Bran.So I was like do whatever you
wanna do I don't anyways when I came home
this morning,Dave came over and I asked what he did,he told
me him and Jim just sat around and talked,and played sum
one on one hockey....So I was like ok...but then like half
an hour later..I was talking to Bran online,and he was like
thanx for talking to Dave for me,and I was like wtf?¿? r u
talking about and he was like well he called me sat nite
and asked if me and Gar wanted to come over with Jerm and
shit and play volleyball and stuff...and I was like well
did u,and Bran said he wtf is up with that...Dave
lied to me,rite to my face...well u know what that was one
thing u promised u wouldn't do to me,and so what u stabbed
me in the back and did it,and u hurt me once again.So fuck
you hope your life is once again is a living
hell,and I think I am gonna go start looking for my hole
again. *sob* *sob*

anyways moving on again....G's seems like summer just flew
by...I seems like I just walked outta my french exam,and
those doors at Essex for the last time,yesterday...but I
had a gr8 summer...sum good times good times....and tuesday
I am off the Villy...I am gonna miss all ma guys and gurls
at Essex...:(...but you all know how to reach me...and we
always have the 3's games...

anyways..I am gonna go...ttyl...

*~¤~* Amy *~¤~*