April Wynn

April Wynn
2002-09-01 22:54:04 (UTC)

Sunday, September 1, 2002

I finally got to talk to Play. :P I sent him some E-mails
about a comet i had seen a few days ago but he didn't
receive them. :( Oh well. I guess him and his girl are back
together... that makes me really sad cause i really like
him. I know he knew i liked him, or i wouldnt have done
some of the things i have. I believe he has taught me alot
already and i barely know the guy! Although I met him in
person, i never took the opportunity to get to know him
until I moved away(now thats makin sense aint it!)But hey! Atleast I
know alot now, better now then never... You would agree if you ever
met him. He's so compassionate and his way with words... ahhhh. :P
He's so sincere and trust worthy. Truely amazing...

An amazing person
With amazing smile
An amazing someone
With an amazing style

Amazing blue eyes
Gaze amazingly wide
at the web cam live...
that i've grown to despise. :P

I've decided that here is where i'll post my poems, it'll much easier
that what i had in mind earlier... making a fancy web page/site
April Wynn

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