Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-09-01 22:19:59 (UTC)

Love reigns supreme...

but currently there isn't any work for a few days for me to
partake in, thus I am in a slightly agitated state...If I
were rich, had a fat bank account, and had no debt, life
would just be great, but, alas, that is all just a fantasy,
as I strive to make my outcome match up with my income (or
lack thereof), and come to grips with my own reality, that
of perceived notions, of possible possibilities, of
unrealized events. Thus can I shape my own future, but it
turns out that the will of others become obstructions, and
I have no power to overcome them, because I am powerless to
tell them, to teach them, that it is my wisdom that gets in
the way..... Oh well, time to get off my apocalyptic
horse, and try to do what's best, lol...:)