2001-07-19 02:36:46 (UTC)

Losing Melanie (Part VI) - [11:15] June 5, 2355

Two days later, Delilah walked between her two new parents,
talking excitedly about how life would be from that point

"And I'll always do all my chores and I'll never argue and
I'll always be good and we can do all kinds of neat things
like go to the pool and the park..."

Chris grinned across to Sarah, her eyes literally shining
in excitement herself as she watched Delilah, lugging her
hovercase behind her with her backpack on her back. Chris
dragged a somewhat larger case, full of all Delilah's
personal belongings. All her furniture had been delivered
the day before, and Delilah had spent the entire day
irritating Chris, telling him where to put everything, then
telling him to move it again while Sarah stood by and
laughed. Frustrated as he was, though, he was more than
happy to do it.

It was the final step in making Delilah their daughter.

That night, the new family sat on the couch, Delilah laying
across her parents' laps, her head resting on Chris' legs.
Chris stroked his daughter's hair gently as they watched
the 3DV.

Suddenly, Delilah looked up at Chris. "Daddy?"

He loved that. "Yes, sweetie?"

"You'll never die, will you?"

Chris was taken aback. "Well, yes, love, some day I will,
as will your mother. I do have a slightly higher chance,
because of my job, but I promise I'll do everything I can
to stay alive, just for you."

Delilah seemed to process this for a moment, then nodded
and smiled. "Ok."

Later, Sarah looked at her own watch, then brushed
Delilah's hair back from her nearly-asleep face. "Come on,
sweetheart, bedtime."

Delilah sat up slowly, yawned, and let Sarah lead her
upstairs. Chris smiled and waved at her, blowing a kiss to
his daughter as she left. She smiled and blew one back.
He waited while Sarah took care of their daughter, then
when she had put her in bed and returned, she sat next to
him, putting her head on his shoulder. He put an arm
around her shoulders and put his head onto hers. Together,
they watched 3DV long into the night, not really watching,
but rather contemplating how life would change now, with

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