can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-09-01 20:24:55 (UTC)

proctor and laura (2 words i never thought i'd see together...)

just wrote my letter asking for an application to apply for
proctor at pcc next summer. kinda funny to be thinking
about that when i still haven't started this year of school
yet, but then i've been thinking about it for four years. i
don't know if i'll get the job, but god i hope so! i mean,
i'll only be 17, which could *definitley* present some
issues. actually, what i just thought of, its illegal to
work like past 10 pm, or something like that.
shitshitshitshitshit. maybe i'll be desk proctor...i
totally forgot about that shit. i'll apply anyway. damnit!
i've been wanting to do this since 99 when i was a first
year. fuckfuckfuck.
oh, just to explain pcc quickly. stands for project
contemporary competiveness, and its kinda mix between
summer camp and school. take two classes, stay at college
dorms, and have the best time *ever* Proctors are like the
conselors...anyway, i went the summer of '99 and '00
(you're only allowed to go going into freshman and
sophomore year of high school) and i want to go back as a
proctor. i made like my best friends there, and you can
meet totally intelligent people instead of the morons here
in this town. which i can't wait to get out of. one more
on another note, lauras being a bitch. kristen is leaving
for salve regina tomorrow, and we want to go out for ice
cream w/ her because our group has *always* done ice cream
before the start of school, and we want to give kris that
farewell thingy. but laura doesn't get out of work till 10,
and she's all "oh, you can't go out until then." sarahs got
a 10:30 curfew, and my mom won't be too keen on the idea of
leaving at 10. arg. and she doesn't want go tuesday (we
start school wednesday) either. arg! i mean, i'll admit i'm
getting sooo freaking sick of sarah and laura cuz i've just
seen them so much this summer, but its tradition. grrness
on her.

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