Clouds of Delusion

2001-07-19 02:30:16 (UTC)


I can't fucking write anymore. I've become that un-inspired
that everything I attempt to write is shit, so much so that
I can't write a single thing. This sucks because I loved
writing, but it's been a long time now. I guess since
nothing is here to inspire me...I'm just screwed. I may
never write again...

Arg...this is such a pain. I want to write, I miss writing,
I miss the pride in what I wrote, I miss the self
expression, I miss the attention, I miss it all. Now I may
never get the ability to write something I can take pride
in having written.

No one is here to talk to, and I am bored. I wish the words
would flow as perfectly as they once did. Now I don't even
know what the hell I would write about if I wanted to
write. Uninspired writing sucks so much that I can't even
bother trying. All my attempts have been so pathetic they'd
put shame to my name. GRRRR.

Someone should come online now so I wouldn't be here
talking to no one but myself. this still sucks
wayyy to friggin much. I'm listening to the doors write
now, fucking amazing band.