Wo ist Amanda?
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2002-09-01 18:16:25 (UTC)


I know it's been a while since I've written, but I have
been so busy. I am still here in Singleville, and it's so
lonely! Well, I talked to my ex and he has a new
girlfriend...this girl Emily that I really hate. She's
like the dirtiest hoe I've ever met! Well, whatever floats
his boat I guess. I need to lose weight, I think that
would make me more attractive to those asshole guys out
there that look right past me just cause I'm not dressed
like a slut-model. Society is a killer. Derek, this guy I
just met, is such a sweety. He's almost perfect for me,
but he's I guess that's the end of that sad
story! He writes poetry that is just so deep and he has
the best taste in music, he thinks I'm cute, he has a sense
of humor, blah blah blah!!! I dunno, this is how my luck
goes I guess. It's like I'm destined to be alone for the
rest of my life. The one chance I got to have love and I
blew it. Now Erick is with Emily...that's just one more
reason for me to hate her. Well, I've had a cold for like
the last week, it sucks ass. Ok, guess I'll go take a
shower now. I'm off like a prom dress!
Amanda Panda

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