My Life
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2001-07-19 02:08:26 (UTC)


OMG! I went to Zack's house yesterday. :-D
He is like so freakin sweet! We were in da woods at first
and then we went inside. There wasn't anyone there except
his cousin. His cousin was in the living room, so Zack and
I came through the back door and went into his mom's room
and shut the door. *Ångel* lol Well, anywayz....when we
first got in there, he layed me down on the bed and started
kissin me. OMG! THAT WAS SOOOOO SWEET! He is like da
best kisser in da whole world! :-D
Well, that's all I'm gonna tell. *innocent*
Love alwayz,
Amber Goss
~*Zack's Gurl*~

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