No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-09-01 17:19:16 (UTC)

awesome mood

hey! well I'm in an awesome mood, as usual. I have been
lately. I find things that make me happy :D Anyways, I was
outside with Terry till 1:20 in the morning. lol. DONT TELL
MY MOM! She went to bed around 9 because she was really
tired and didn't feel well. I'm surprised the door opening
and shutting didn't wake her up. Trish went inside around
1. We just laughed all night and this creepy guy walked by.
Our late night conversations are great. *sigh* I want him.
lol. I hear a friend of mine said some stuff...and I'm
gunna talk to him as soon as he gets online. *glares* I'm
not really mad. lol. But, I have been really happy lately
and I hope it stays this way, well, I hope it gets
better. :D I love being happy! :D