my simple small world
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2002-09-01 17:18:57 (UTC)

naked in a tub of ice....

oh god...last nite.....I can't remember what happend, what
I think could of remembered...just could turn out being
something I wanted to happen....or maybe something I
dreamed happend.. or something that really's
to confusing.I can remember 5 things, I was
going on and on how I wanted coke or heroine....two this
guy kept saying mean stuff to me and junk.....three I
started to get sick (yeah, I vomited at least 12 times) and
the guy I thought was a complete moron since he was saying
mean stuff....held my hair back and made sure I didn't lay
down in my own vomit...(that was really fucking nice of him
to do...why should he care if I pass out in my own vomit or
get in in my hair?), four I'm not going to write..but it
was something that I thought about for the past two years,
and five, taking erin home (I wasn't driving...) I had to
vomit we had to pull over to the side of the
road.Ironically enough it was my I
vomited...and erin got really mad....when we got to her
house, she through my stuff (a bookbag, a radio shack bag,
and a cd) out the window at me and told me to get the fuck
away from her house.I don't even know what i fucking
did..oh well she can deal, or leave me alone.....
I'm tired of the bullshit....
It wasn't a bad nite I don't think.....I just hope I didn't
piss anyone off.....
I got g loves cd and I love it...Their sound reminds me of
I accidently dyed my hair black makes me
look further more pale (I can't get tan....believe me I've
tried), but oh well....I think I lost like 5 lbs in
vomiting last nite.....I was 110 when we left for the party I feel like 105 or 100....and I'm not all
that short.....
oh well....
I need to go, I don't know what I'm talking about....