Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-09-01 17:05:03 (UTC)

Foolish Mortal...

Tis what I am...

Foolish and yet not so. Methinks I have been found wanting, I
know that I have been so judged, so I shall march along the
road and wander though memories past.

Wretched little things make the world go round, one has to
wonder how we simple folk make it through the long summers
night. A mystery perhaps, nay, illusory and opaque, the
reasons for things.


Not so deep am I, not so interesting am I. And yet, I find
myself drawn to being weird like a moth to bright burning
flames, and so my wings, clipped and scorched, carry me not
to the waiting ground, pummeling myself and battering my frail

One would think one such as I would learn the lessons of olde
and be wise to the ramifications of the new. Sadly my dear, I
have learned but nothing and yet though I know, i really do
not. One could put time to a clock to the mistakes I make.


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