the true confessions of moi
2002-09-01 16:41:49 (UTC)


goood morning, hangovers suck. last night was good,
brother's 15th birthday, went down to the river and had a
fire and some beer.. hangovers suck. i wouldn't mind if i
had the house to myself or my own place.. i could play
loud music and order a pizza (assuming i'm not drunk)..
but dad's up, and he might not be to thrilled with me
going into the fridge, taking out the cake from yesterday,
and eating all the icing off the last piece. which is what
my hung over self wants to do. i said i'd call sam when i
woke up, but i don't waannaa, i want to just let him wake
up, it's so stupid to wake up earlier than you have to..
it's the long weekend, for god's sake. i totally wish i
was at tony's lake this weekend, or sam's lake, or
someone's lake... tony made arrangements so i could go for
the long weekend, but bryan had to go and be born.. just
kidding, of course, it was a good party, and he's getting
like.. my friends didn't get annoyed at all, i think,
which is great. my sister had some people over (last night
was a big party for us, eh.. haha)and they smoked weed in
the basement, which totally gives me permission to do the
same.. i never have, i'm the paranoid one. i'm not sure if
she has.. a few years ago i know her friends did
occasionally, when they were my age.. well, if sam's not
here and i can't put on music and there's nothing to do
and i'm hungover and bitchy, maybe i'll go back to sleep,
or to read a bit, or something, and hope sam gets up soon
and calls to say he's up. or something. once again,
gooooood mooorning... and once again, hangovers suck.